Good Karma Foods and Chelsea & Rachel Co
Case Study
Jill and Team

Good Karma Foods

Good Karma Foods A company full of intention and ready to come out of the gate to do something really dynamic for direct to consumer.

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abandoned cart flows
Digital Marketing

Why you need to include social proof in your abandoned cart flows

Abandoned carts give you a unique opportunity to nurture leads who already know about your brand and products, and have demonstrated high purchase intent. You’ve done the hard work. Now, it’s time to re-engage their interest and convince visitors back to your checkout using an abandoned cart (AC) flow.

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Chelsea & Rachel

What’s Your Customer Demographic?

Because selling online is a responsive process … It can be as wobbly as that dial trying to find north. And the market is truly wobbly right now. How do you respond to erratic consumer behavior?

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Chelsea & Rachel

Managing Data and People

How do you work through a process that never stops changing? There’s marketing, and there’s managing. Is there enough coffee for that? Integrity and caring

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