: CEO + Chief Visionary

Chelsea Jones

CEO + Chief Visionary
Chelsea is a strategic direct to consumer expert, and a professional problem solver for consumer brands. She has an extensive background in web design and development with more than two decades in advertising and graphic design. Chelsea leads with vision, explains specific tactics clearly, and knows the why behind best practices.
: VP of Strategy

Verona Gillespie

VP of Strategy
: COO + Chief Integrator 

Zackary Lewis

COO + Chief Integrator 
: Creative Director

Brian Williams

Creative Director
: Head of Development

Menil Vukovic

Head of Development
: Partnership Manager

Sofia Rosen

Partnership Manager
: Project Manager + Operations

Lindsey Hulbert

Project Manager + Operations
: Senior Project Manager

Whitney Caldwell

Senior Project Manager
: Senior Project Manager

Nikki Calhoun

Senior Project Manager
: Project Manager

Lindsey Stout

Project Manager
: GTM + Revenue Operations

Cohl Fulk

GTM + Revenue Operations
: Senior Shopify Developer

Jon Siderman

Senior Shopify Developer
: Full Stack Shopify Engineer

Ryan Yang

Full Stack Shopify Engineer
: Custom Javascript, App Developer & Migration Specialist

Eleanor Cassady

Custom Javascript, App Developer & Migration Specialist
: Software Engineer

Nedim Kujrakovic

Software Engineer
: Software Engineer

Nedim Gabela

Software Engineer
: Software Engineer

Adnan Buljubasic

Software Engineer
: QA Software Engineer

Kenan Kukic

QA Software Engineer
: Software Engineer

Anel Vukovic

Software Engineer
: Software Engineer

Dino Sisic

Software Engineer
: QA Software Engineer

Mirza Begic

QA Software Engineer
: Content Strategist + SEO 

Barbara Wolter

Content Strategist + SEO 
: Social Media Manager

Karla Hernandez

Social Media Manager
: Animation + Design

Shauna Lynn

Animation + Design
: Copywriter

Chrissy Mize

: Team and Marketing Assistant

Darlene Yambao

Team and Marketing Assistant
: Team and Sales Assistant

Lynn Marie Lucero

Team and Sales Assistant