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Beauty Pallets Created for Personal Style

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Alaskan King Crab

Premier Seafood Buying Online

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Hawaiian Artisanal Chocolate Store Experience Brought Online

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We're C+R Co., a Shopify Plus preferred partner specializing in Shopify rebuilds, refreshes, and migrations. We optimize, design, develop, and market your Shopify store to keep conversions and revenue growth.

Latest Hits

Through meticulous customization and strategic implementation, we empower businesses to thrive in the digital marketplace. From enhancing user experiences to optimizing conversions, each project at C+R Co. has had its own unique features that brought it success. Here are a few of our latest hits.

koho carousel Shoppable Storytelling

The Koho story is as compelling as their elegant chocolates. We worked with this client to make sure visitors could shop as they absorb the journey that is Koho Chocolates.

Chelsea and Rachel site Collection pages that convert

One click collection pages are easy to navigate. Choose your size, click add to cart and boom. Instant conversion.

Chelsea and Rachel site Loyalty made seamless

Surratt’s new loyalty program landing page makes it easy for new and returning customers to understand and interact seamlessly with the site's loyalty program. Loyalty programs like this increase customer lifetime value, repeat purchase and boost revenue.


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