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Vive Organic Case Study

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Boosting your immunity is always a good idea. But when the Covid-19 crisis hit, immunity went mainstream. During the Pandemic more and more consumers turned to wellness brands to boost their health. Brands like Vive Organic.

The wellness shot company produces a line of fresh pressed immunity shots, using only the purest ingredients like Hawaiian turmeric and Peruvian ginger.

While Vive’s superfood shots help people optimize their health, the brand needed to optimize its website.

When Vive Organic approached Chelsea & Rachel, they relied on a hard-coded site to run their eCommerce store. Even the simplest of updates were cumbersome, and they weren’t leveraging Shopify tools to make the site smooth for both the internal team and the DTC consumer. They needed the flexibility to customize everything from branded design to backend Shopify subscription support.

So we got to work!

Our strategy, design, and development teams came in fast with some quick, efficient wins. We redesigned the PDP pages with a new layout, content modules, and functionality. Each PDP now tells a complete story. We highlight the fresh ingredients in each shot and showcase a “what, where, when” module for how to enjoy the product. Each PDP ends with a “feel the kick” meter with the intensity range for each shot.

Beyond product-specific information, we use each PDP to educate the user about Vive’s holistic wellness, sustainability, and doctor-backed science values. The content that highlights “The fresh way to feel good every day,” “Fresh, straight from the farm,” and “Crafted by a team of doctors” gives buyers a deep brand dive right into the shopping experience.

And to weave social proof into the user flow, we coded in Okendo buyer reviews. All of these story beats on each PDP brings the shopper deeper into the brand and product narrative, creating key building blocks for conversion rate optimization.

We gave the Vive team a place to drive inbound traffic with a custom landing page that guided customers toward particular products and purchasing options.

To further optimize the site for DTC shopping, we tackled SEO and reorganized content across the entire site.

And speaking of DTC, subscription program builds are our favorite! And we didn’t just fully migrate Vive’s subscription program to Recharge. We built an entirely custom subscription calculator to guide buyers on how many shots to purchase. Users simply enter the number of people in their household who enjoy Vive and how many days a week they want to drink their shots. The calculator does the math, and shoppers can stock their fridges and never run out.

On the storytelling front, we advised the brand on copywriting and how to share the company’s origin story and values around sustainability and holistic wellness.

Our strategic leaders at Chelsea and Rachel were also able to consult with Vive on improvements for their shipping and fulfillment processes.

The Chelsea and Rachel team are strategic thinkers and are highly collaborative. I appreciate their partnership and flexibility to make things work uniquely for our team and our brand. They always have a can-do mentality, and our site design refresh came out beautifully! 

Marisa Hirtzel

VP of Marketing, Vive Organic

Shortly after the new site debuted, we helped Vive seamlessly launch two new shots – Pure Boost Vitamin C and Immunity Boost Vitamin D, K & Zinc.

The fully redesigned Vive Organic eCommerce website elevates the brand’s digital identity – bringing a cohesive and straightforward user experience to its lively, positive look and feel. The clear user experience, redesigned illustrative style, easy-to-use subscription program, and the fully optimized site makes it easy for buyers to find exactly what they’re looking for every time.

And, of course, the new site makes site management for the Vive team a heck of a lot easier.

It was a comprehensive, all-hands-on-deck project, and the result is a gorgeous eCommerce website, inside and out. 

We’re not just fans of the new site; we love our Vive shots. We’re serious about our immunity! The whole Chelsea & Rachel team gets a regular Vive subscription.

After all that amazing work, it’s time to celebrate and have a (wellness) shot!

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