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The Power of Shopify Plus

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Nowadays you don’t have to look far to find an ecommerce success story. Shopify Plus has made it easier than ever for companies to build and refine a lucrative online store.

Here’s a quick round-up of a few brands that have gone DTC, and are never looking back! 

“It’s not hard to own your own destiny with Shopify.” That’s what the founders of Bubs Naturals discovered when the nutrition company doubled down on DTC and upgraded to Shopify Plus. The results? The brand doubled its conversion rate.

Find out how Heatonist, purveyors of fine hot sauces, can finally guarantee 3-day shipping, thanks to the Shopify Fulfillment Network.

DTC is no longer the secret sauce for just upstart brands. With the onset of Covid, Household name Heinz wanted to reach quarantined customers, where they were – at home. So the brand launched their direct-to-consumer Shopify Plus site in just one week.

Meanwhile Laird Superfood grew a wholesale channel on Shopify Plus that now outpaces their consumer sales. CEO Paul Hodge says, “It’s really exciting Shopify Plus had already built exactly what we needed for wholesale. It works great and saves us tons of time.”

The Covid-19 pandemic hit many brands hard – like Molson Coors Beverage Company, who depended on restaurants and bars as their traditional sales channels. But the brand used Shopify Plus to build ecommerce platform, resulting in a 188% month over month growth in sales.

When it comes to scaling business on Shopify Plus, Fire Dept. Coffee is, well… on fire! The Rockford, Illinois coffee continues to lean on the platform to scale at every phase of business. Founder and CEO Luke Schneider says, “Shopify fit us when we had just one product. Shopify Plus fits us now as a $10 million business with multiple product lines. And it will fit us as a $100 or $200 million business. That’s the beauty of it—there’s nothing we can’t do with Shopify.”

Not every brand starts with a direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategy. Take soda brand Olipop, who didn’t have a website, nonetheless a digital platform, for their entire first year of business. But when the brand started to explore acquisition channels like SMS to build their subscriber base. From a single text, they did approximately $15,000 in sales in 15 minutes.

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