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Shopify is stepping into its next phase of innovation: enterprise retail

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As you know, Shopify has become one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. It now boasts over 1 million businesses in 175 countries! Recently, it announced its next phase of innovation—the Shopify enterprise retail solution: Commerce Components. Let’s take a look at what this announcement means for merchants.

Commerce Components by Shopify

Shopify announced its enterprise retail solution Commerce Components – the next step up from Shopify plus. It’s really an interesting play for Shopify to make more space in the commerce retail side of e-commerce. Shopify claims they power over 10% of all e-commerce online, so if they’re now making Commerce Components available to have the bigger retailers like Mattel (who announced they’re moving to Shopify in light of the update) leverage Shopify’s technology, then that could increase significantly.

Biggest wins to come from this:

  • Flexibility and choice
  • Flexible APIs
  • No rate
  • Performance
  • Merchants can do a lot more under the speed of API response

And, let’s not forget they also now have access to an entire commerce ecosystem, including world-class, agency partners, such as Chelsea & Rachel Co., to help support and specialize….*wink*

Perhaps the biggest win, however, is that Commerce Components enhanced scalability – so businesses can more quickly scale up or down depending on market demand. Brands now have the availability to scale on Shopify all the way up to a $500 million+ company.

What does this mean for merchants? Commerce Components enables merchants to easily manage their complex operations across multiple locations, while still leveraging the same user-friendly interface they’ve grown accustomed to on the platform.

However, it likely will affect their back end system, their ERPs, their international database, and a lot of other different pieces around this. Shopify is only letting large retailers have access to this engine and allowing them to customize the exterior.

All in all…

Commerce Components is an incredibly exciting development for retailers of all sizes looking to grow their business by taking advantage of the latest ecommerce technologies available in the market today. With its powerful analytics tools, localized content capabilities, and enhanced scalability options—not to mention its user-friendly interface—merchants can rest assured knowing they have access to all the resources they need in order to expand their reach while maintaining control over their operations across multiple locations worldwide.

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