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The time is now for intelligent eCommerce – with Rebuy

C+R Co.

We’re in a new golden era of eCommerce, where shoppers seek to fill online carts instead of going in-person to do their retail shopping.

The global Pandemic opened the floodgates for new DTC growth, and we love helping our clients create upsell strategies for their eCommerce websites. How do we do it? Personalizing the online shopping experience with Rebuy. 

The genius behind Rebuy is that they take your customers’ shopping patterns and data and create real-time seamless upsell opportunities. By utilizing intelligent recommendations and a suite of automated tools, our clients can maximize revenue and create custom buying experiences for their users’ journeys.

Our client Primal Kitchen realized how critical it is to have an intelligent store and took advantage of Rebuy’s tools. They’ve had amazing success – 21.78% of their online sales are driven through Rebuy relevant cross-sells, upsells, and order follow-ups across the site. 

From the home page to PDPs, to the cart, during checkout and post-purchase, Primal Kitchen has grown its average order value by 8.91% with Rebuy.

Rebuy is one of the cleanest and best-engineered SaaS platforms out there. Their entire support team is incredible. They are our go-to upsell and cross-sell solution and a must-have on all Shopify Plus builds.”

Chelsea Jones, Co-Founder @ Chelsea & Rachel Co.

Hear more from Chelsea on the Rebuy blog, and find out why Chelsea & Rachel Co. is different from other agencies. Plus, get Chelsea’s tip for a quick eCommerce win!

Read our quick chat with the Rebuy team and “5 Questions with Chelsea Jones.”

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