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25 Social Media Tips That Drive Authentic Engagement

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The purpose of social media is to make authentic connections with real people. The takeaway here is … be authentic. If engagement is low on your social media channels, or you’re looking for a bit of inspiration or motivation, then this article is for you.

How and why social media tips

The first section of social media tips focuses on the how and why. The rest are examples of the types of content that drive authentic connections.

#1 – Be authentic

Social media is filled with superficial, self-serving, trite messages. On the positive side, it is a great place to share knowledge, inspiration, and passion for your brand with the world. If you’re are excited about your message, post it. If you aren’t … try again.

#2 – Write for humans

Don’t skip this important tip. It is a little longer than most but hopefully sheds some important light on what we believe is the key to social media marketing – people.

You may think this seems obvious, but it is where most social media strategies go off the rails. The most common audiences are:

  • Current customers
  • Prospective customers
  • Valued partners
  • Friends and family
  • Industry influencers

Each time you post, think of who you are posting for and write as if you are talking to them. While many posts will provide value across multiple audiences, write for your primary audience for each post.

For example, this blog post is designed first and foremost for our clients. Because we believe that social media marketing is an integral part of a successful marketing strategy, we want to equip you to do it well. Secondary audiences will benefit, too, but our goal is to give added value to our existing customers. Prospective customers may read this post and see the value and expertise and go to our website to learn more about us. Friends and family, partners and others may see this article and share it with one of their connections that could use some help in this area.

So, reach out and make connections with humans in each segment of your audience. Then keep them in mind as you post.

#3 Be consistent

While you may choose not to post every day, you (or someone on your team) should visit your social media channels every day to check for messages and to browse your feed. Divide up the assignments and add it to your schedule as if it were a meeting with your dream client. It might actually end up being just that. 😊

#4 Engage regularly

You know how it feels when you have a friend that you like to connect with, but you are always the one who initiates the connection. If you are not engaging regularly, you will not get real engagement. If you aren’t sure what we mean by engagement. See tips #5, #6 and #7.

#5 Share other people’s content

If something you see on Twitter inspires you, retweet it and spread the message to others who might also find inspiration. Add a quick note as to why it is important. The person who wrote it will, of course, be thrilled that you were listening, and it shows your audience that you don’t think you have the corner on good ideas.

#6 Comment and reply to comments

You really shouldn’t overthink this one. Social media is supposed to be a conversation. As you read through your feed each day, add comments to other people’s content and reply to comments others left for you. (Check your notifications to make sure you don’t miss any comments others left you.)

#7 Like other people’s content and comments

Again, don’t overthink this. If you like something, like it. Use emoticons to express what you feel.

#8 Choose quality over quantity

Use the following tips to spark ideas for the types of content you can share and then take the time to create something of value. It is better to post something your audience is hungry for than to overfeed them with junk.

Examples of social media content

The rest of our social media tips are actually examples of content to get your creative juices flowing. The authentic part comes from you. Take these tips and add your own value to keep your audience coming back for more.

#9 Customer shout out

Tell the world how great your customers are. Make sure you @ tag and/or share their branded # if they have one.

#10 Motivational or inspirational quote

We all need a little inspiration sometimes. If you see one in your feed that inspires you, share it. If not, look for motivation on sites like

#11 Share your products and services

Let’s not forget the obvious. Find unique ways to share your products and services. Better yet, share what people say about your products and services.

#12 Promote a partner or team member

If you partner with other professionals in the work you do, tell your tribe about how great they are. Share a kudos on a job well done. Again, make sure you @ tag and/or share their branded # if they have one.

#13 Give out a back-stage pass

Share a picture and description of your team at work. We all like to see what it looks like behind the scenes. It’s like having a backstage pass to a great concert. (Well, maybe not quite that cool but you get the gist.)

#14 Promote your new content

Again, pretty obvious, but if you write a blog post, create a video, podcast or add a page to your website … tell people about it.

#15 Share an event

Even though much of your audience may live in other parts of the country (or world), share related events going on in your hometown or that you are attending somewhere else. Again, be authentic. Real people do real things in real life.

#16 Curate a good industry article

Share a link to something you read this week that made you think, hey so-and-so would love this article.

#17 Follow us on…

Remind your followers to follow you on your other social media channels.

#18 Join our tribe …

Invite followers to subscribe to your email list for regular updates. Segment your list so they only get information relevant to who they are. Remember, everyone … everywhere … hates spam.

#19 Share a famous quote

These can come from a song, a poem, a book or from a key influencer in your industry.

#20 Hashtags and holidays

These are often disingenuous attempts at expanding your audience so make sure they are relevant to your audience. For example, if you are having a black Friday sale then by all means #blackfriday.

#21 Share what you are reading (or listening to)

If you are reading (or listening) to a great book or podcast; or your favorite magazine just published a great article, tell people why you love it and where they can find it. Again, be authentic.

#22 Share a technology tip

If you started using a new app that saves you tons of time, or you just figured out a new way to do something, share it and spread the news.

#23 Feature a follower

If the message or mission of one of your followers rings true to you, share it with your tribe.

#24 Be positive

Avoid posting or sharing negative or sarcastic information. Enough said.

#25 Puppies, kittens, and babies

Come on you know we all love this stuff. But please remember that we all follow lots of people on social media and have probably seen enough of this stuff to last a lifetime. Use with caution – unless of course, you own a pet shop or a daycare. 😊

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