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Canva and Small Businesses

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What is Canva?

Canva is the perfect website for creating and designing presentations, social media graphics, and all around beautiful designs. Find millions of stock images to use, edit your photos with various filters, choose from the hundreds of fonts, and access various icons and shapes. So many business owners utilize Canva in order to enhance their websites and their business as a whole. It helps to bring your creativity out and create some wonderful things for your business website. You do not need any previous graphic design experience or knowledge to use Canva successfully – you only need your creativity.

How Canva Helps Your Business

You can find a variety of necessary content types on this website. From social media, to marketing materials, documents, presentations, invitations, and even ads. You can even create your own project to fit your needs. Because of all these various options, no matter the content of your website, you will always find something to use. Whether you just created a new website or you are looking to improve your existing one, Canva has every option available to you.

Canva & Your Blog

It already requires some money to get your website up and running. But then it does not take much to keep it updated regularly so luckily, Canva is free. You can not only keep your blog updated, but you can make it stand out. Canva allows you to quickly create free graphics that are relevant to your business and blog posts. This option is part of the reason why Canva is so easy for its users. You do not have to take hours to plan out your blog post – you can make it visually appealing in minutes. Find the photos you need, create graphics you want specifically, and use a font/text that will highlight your blog posts and draw people back to it every time.

Canva also allows you to save your graphics into your account to come back to at any time. You will not lose your images forever and have to start over later. If you want to use a particular one across your business, then you are able to do so. This is a wonderful option for the ones you customize and cannot find anywhere else – the ones that are unique to your blog/business as a whole. Before you publish your next blog post, you can share your images/graphics with others to get feedback. They can easily view your creation and edit it if they choose. With all these available options, your blog post will easily stand out among all the others, improving your business in so many ways. Your customers will want to come back regularly for more posts and recommend you because of how visually appealing you are.

Canva & Social Media

If Canva can help Conversational increase their social media engagement by 1100%, it can help you too. Conversational is a virtual receptionist provider for small businesses and start-ups. They used Canva to create graphics that pop out and grab their audience’s attention. These graphics tie in with their social media platforms, using hashtags and encouraging their customers to use them, using various templates on their social media platforms (Facebook & Twitter), and creating call-to-actions that make the customers want to return. These bright, creative, and unique graphics has helped the company to gain more recognition on various social media platforms. Their customers are sharing/liking/commenting on their content, which is greatly increasing their audience.

Conversational creates infographics that are shareable among their platforms and/or graphics that promote special discounts. When they contain their business logo, every share means more recognition. The new audience will see where it came from and they will know who to search for. They will then discover what they do as a business, what services they offer, and how they can help. Canva can help not only their business but your business as well. You can create anything and everything you can think of to gain recognition. Enhance your social media platforms so that you will reach more people and become more well-known.

Get Started With Canva Today!

Create the perfect graphics for your business, improve your blog, and enhance your social media platforms. All you need is creativity and a vision for your business and Canva will help you to bring that image to life. With a variety of templates, fonts/texts, and stock images to choose from, you will never not find what you are looking for.

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