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How to build (and boost) your business brand

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Looking for ways to build and boost your business brand? Branding is so much more than just logos and images. It is more about the feelings or thoughts that people have when they interact with your company. At Chelsea & Rachel Co. we have developed brands that reflect the heart and soul of our clients and their products. We have a tried and true brand development strategy that works time after time.

Building your business brand

Presenting new clients with their new brand is one of the most exciting times for us. The look on their faces when they see that we have captured the essence of who they are is so rewarding. Here are 5 topics we discuss with clients to develop their business brand.

  • Determine your mission
    Writing a mission statement is all about what your purpose is and how you do it. You write it by defining what you do, how you do it, who you do it for and the value that you’re bringing.
  • Define your brand values
    Creating the values that your business stands for will be elemental in defining your brand experience and help in the foundation of your brand and define how your brand looks + messaging.
  • Determine your Unique Selling Proposition
    Your Unique Selling Proposition is what makes you unique and determines why your audience chooses to buy from you instead of others.
  • Focus on the value you give others
    It’s all about determining the experience of transformation that your clients go through when they hire you. What problem are you really solving?
  • Prepare an excellent pitch
    Write and prepare a pitch that talks about what you do for others, and who YOU are. Make sure you include information that will catch their attention in a short sentence.

Boost your business brand through design

The saying that you only have one chance to make a great first impression is so true. You may have a great mission statement and a clear picture of what you have to offer your clients, but in the world of digital marketing, you only have a few seconds to capture a prospective customer’s interest. Here are a few of the design areas you will need to rock for your brand to succeed.

  • Have a beautiful logo
    Having a logo that truly reflects what your brand is about is essential to being more recognizable and capable of connecting with your target audience.
  • Create a color palette
    Define a color palette that is aligned with the personality of your brand and what you want to reflect. Be consistent with the colors that you choose.
  • Define fonts
    Define fonts that best show your style. If your brand is more serious or playful, each case has different fonts that work best. Stick to these fonts everywhere.
  • Choose different design elements
    Define design elements such as patterns, textures, and styles that you can use to communicate more about your business and be more effective in reaching your audience.
  • Have an amazing website
    Design + develop a website that is capable of making great conversions. This will help in building your visibility and creating more credibility for your brand.

Boost your business brand through sales funnels

Helping our clients develop and implement a successful sales funnel is critical for branding. Here is what it looks like:

  • Set up a high converting sales funnel
    Having a sales funnel will guarantee that you convert your visitors into buyers. Make sure you have your website set up for success and high conversions.
  • Have an opt-in or subscription form on your site
    Have a subscription form on your website that enables you to build your list and database. One of the best assets you can have is an incredible list you can contact regularly.
  • Communicate with your audience
    Talk to your list regularly so that they keep you at their top of mind. Sending weekly emails that show what you’re doing is a great way to keep in touch.
  • Get to know your target market
    Get to know your target market by asking them directly what it is that they want and need. Sending out surveys or asking questions through email will help in finding out more.
  • Develop a brand experience
    Be consistent with your branding everywhere. Make sure your logo, colors, fonts, design elements and communication style are consistent through your whole sales funnel.

Boost your business brand through creation

Creating a variety of valuable content for your prospective customer to experience your brand.

  • Share articles on a blog
    Sharing articles on your blog will help in establishing your business as a credible, expert source to go to constantly for information. It will separate you from everyone else.
  • Give away free value
    Giving free value is a great way to get your brand out there. Give useful advice, checklists, guides or more that will help others while establishing you as an expert.
  • Host your very own webinar
    Webinars are an opportunity to show your brand’s face (you!) and establish a real connection with your audience. You can answer questions and show your personality.
  • Create an online course
    Online courses are an excellent way to boost your brand and share your expertise. These can be either free or paid. Paid courses serve as great recurring income.
  • Give a conference or workshop
    Hosting a live event will do wonders for your brand. It’s a great way to get out there, show your knowledge and put a face to your business.

Boost your business brand through sharing

Connecting with your customers and prospects online is a great way to make sure they see all the great content and value your business brand offers.

  • Create an online community
    Having your own online communicate will foster more connections and allow you to be in constant contact with your target audience. Facebook Groups is great for this.
  • Develop a social media strategy
    Make sure you define different places where you can be active online. Define the media that’s more effective for your business and develop a strategy that works best for it.
  • Share Case Studies
    Sharing Case Studies of clients you have worked with and success stories will be a great way for others to see themselves reflected in them – and seeing you as the best option.
  • Show social proof
    Testimonials from your clients, success stories, achievements, recognitions and awards will set you apart from everyone else. It will also help in building a solid reputation.
  • Be consistent
    Whatever you do, be consistent. Define a strategy and stick to it. Don’t disappear all of a sudden leaving your followers hanging. Building a brand is about always staying in action.

A sample of our branding work

One of our favorite projects, The Skipping Stone, has a unique story to tell. They sell handmade jewelry, leather bags, and other products sourced in India and use the profits to help humanitarian organizations free women from human trafficking. Check out their beautiful website and see how professional business branding helps share their story and their mission.

How can we help you build and boost your business brand?

At Chelsea & Rachel Co, we’re Shopify Experts and implement the power of digital marketing for your businesses and leveraging online platforms. Our expertise enhances our already extensive knowledge of e-commerce trends, functionality, customer behavior, business branding, and design. We’ve helped many businesses transform an underperforming site to an all-out sales boom just by improving their customer’s online experience.

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