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Use Instagram for Business Marketing

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More Than Visuals

Instagram is more than just a place to post photos with amazing filters and clever hashtags. When done correctly, business owners can use Instagram for business marketing. Enhance your marketing techniques, expand your business, and gain more followers. When you know how to use a social media platform to your benefit, you will truly succeed. With Instagram users growing by 300 million+ daily, one can easily use Instagram for business marketing.

Why Instagram?

Because it is a social media platform that focuses on pictures/videos, it is the perfect place for advertisements or providing informative visuals. It is also a perfect platform to explain who you are and what you do as a business. You should also engage with anyone who comes across your profile, as it shows your customers that you like to interact with them. There are a variety of Instagram apps you can use to spice up your photos/videos but, you should choose the apps that will be the most beneficial. You want to use Instagram for business marketing but you do not want to use an app you cannot figure out. Maybe try experimenting with them to get a feel for them and see how they work and rule out what does not work for you, what works now, and what could work in the future as you grow.

5 Fun Things You Can Do with Instagram Apps

  1. Flipagram

With the photos and music of your choice, you can create photo-video stories. Like Instagram, upload them to the Insta community and discover other Flipagrams that people have made. There are no limits on the number of photos you can use but the video is only 30 seconds long. As a business owner, use Flipagram to post photos of your new location, screenshots of your new business website, or even photos of happy customers. Display these to update your current followers and inform new followers. If you want to reach more people, share your Flipagrams to your Instagram account as well, as the two will be separate. Find new followers that way and spread your business’ brand farther across social media.

  1. Wishpond’s Instagram Contest

Contests are always fun on social media, especially when a prize is offered to the winner. They can get your followers involved and active with your business. Allow a daily voting option and watch your customers participate and become more active on a daily basis. You can expand your followers by having your contest connected to your other social media platforms. Whether you encourage your customers to view or like things on your other platforms or share the information on other platforms, it is all beneficial.

  1. Repost

When you as a business reposts something from a customer, you are showing them how involved you are. You do not just have an account set up that is either rarely checked or not even monitored by you. Your customers will see that you check your posts and your followers and your interactions among them. If there is a particular post praising you, your business, or its services, reposting it can really benefit your brand. It represents a business that is interactive and it shows you are a person and not a third party or automated machine.

  1. ScheduGram

If you want certain images or collection to post regularly or at a certain time, ScheduGram is available for that. As a business owner, things can get crazy for you but you never want to forget about your social media platforms and leave your followers hanging. When you want a particular weekly post, set up a schedule or a regular pattern so you do not have to worry about forgetting. If you think the next week will be busy, set up a time for later to post images or videos for you. This can be a very useful app for when your plate is full but do not use it when you have the time to interact with your followers.

  1. Like2buy

When your business brand has a strong social media influence, your followers will be more likely to make purchases. Many businesses include links to their websites in your bio but, you always want to go a little further. With your link, you want to direct your followers to your services/products or the best-sellers or any items on sale. Instead of leading your followers to your website, show them what is currently available for purchase. This allows your followers to be taken directly to what they need, which will make them want to return. The ease of finding products to shop for is more appealing than trying to find them within the website.

Let Instagram Help Your Business Today

With all the various Instagram apps available for your business, why not use Instagram for business marketing? Spice up the images and stay involved with your followers. Show them how much you care about their experiences and how they perceive your brand.

Create a positive image for yourself and use Instagram to its full potential.

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