We simplify the marketing of your online store so you can sell more

With a combined 30+ years of experience, we bring big agency expertise to our no-frills virtual firm – providing everything you need to launchgrowlearn, and enhance your online store!

Custom Shopify Web Development

UX/UI Design

Subscription Development

Email Marketing Automation

Custom Scripts and Development Projects

eCommerce Growth Consulting



What We Do

We’re Chelsea & Rachel Co. and we are a Shopify Plus preferred partner specializing in Shopify rebuilds, refreshes, and migrations. We optimize, design, develop, and market your Shopify store to keep conversions and revenue growing.

Custom Shopify Development

We’re Shopify experts who build custom modular Shopify sites emphasizing recurring subscriptions to make a highly efficient eCommerce ecosystem.

eCommerce Strategy

With our combined 30+ years of eCommerce experience, we bring high-converting customer journey tactics and simplified tech stacks to the drawing board as the blueprints for every build.

UX/UI Design

Our team of specialized UX/UI designers creates the perfect cocktails of aesthetic and functionality in every custom site Figma design.

Subscription Services

We’re award-winning partners with key players in subscription service tech. We’ll ignite your passive rev with subscription services that will keep your customers coming back for more.

our partners

How We Do It

We’re Shopify experts who’ve perfected the process. We outline every step, so you never get lost in the scope of work. When we work together, we’re pulling out all the stops to make your Shopify migration, UX design, and Shopify store development a success that you can measure in conversions and revenue.

Our standard is excellent communication and professional problem solving to meet your objectives.


Aloha website on a mobile phone

Read about how we increased Aloha's conversions by 500%.

When we partnered with Aloha, we suggested a complete Shopify Plus D2C overhaul encompassing everything from the actual flow of design to the backend integrations that would support a more comprehensive website with subscriptions and improved customer service. It would end up increasing their conversions 5X.

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