eCommerce strategy book

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Our ecommerce strategy book

We want to invite you to be one of the first to access our brand new eCommerce strategy book live now on Amazon! Want to improve eCommerce sales? Get the core concepts we’ve tested and optimized for our enterprise brand clients that translate to even startups. 


Chelsea Jones

CEO + Co-Founder

Chelsea is a strategic direct to consumer expert, and a professional problem solver for consumer brands. She has an extensive background in web design and development, as well as more than 14 years in advertising and graphic design. Chelsea leads with vision, explains specific tactics with clarity, and knows the why behind best practices.

Rachel Saul

CMO + Co-Founder

Rachel specializes in direct to consumer marketing and technical advertising strategies. With more than 16 years in the industry, she is an expert in UX/UI user story design, subscription strategy, digital marketing strategy, email marketing, and automation. Rachel works on the structures where small changes have big impact.

Other Team Members

Professional Expertise

We have a fine-tuned team of 18 talented individuals with focused experience as UX/UI graphic designers, highly-skilled front-end and full-stack web developers, content writers, photographers, videographers, SEO experts, project managers, email marketers, and more.

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