Aloha is an employee-owned food and beverage company that produces the best-tasting organic, plant-based protein products out there. As a certified B Corporation, Aloha emphasizes their consumers getting the absolute best product humanly possible while also supporting the ongoing preservation of natural resources.


Before working with us, Aloha had a highly customized and coded site that made editing it and managing the content increasingly tricky for the in-house developers.

The static presentation of their site started to become stale and ultimately didn’t represent the very much vibrant and alive brand they had. 

The Aloha team needed a consultative partner that could help them roll out a new strategy without sacrificing the quality assurance they’re known for. With the small, scrappy, but efficient team Aloha has, they were looking to partner with experts in the Direct To Consumer food & bev market that shared similar qualities. That’s where Chelsea & Rachel Co. came into the picture.

When we partnered with Aloha, we suggested a complete Shopify Plus D2C overhaul encompassing everything from the actual flow of design to the backend integrations that would support a more comprehensive website with subscriptions and improved customer service.


All upgrades made to subscription options, email marketing integration, and overall customer experience changed the whole feel of the site.

We managed to unlock the full potential of the Shopify Plus platform while still giving Aloha the simplistic yet vibrant design that their marketing already gives off.

The complete redesign of Aloha’s website and restructure of systems now in place features...

A more dynamic layout with animations and presentation-style storytelling leads them through a more enjoyable purchasing experience.

The strong emphasis on the customer experience led to a 5x increase in conversions (from .42% to 2.07%).

Along with a 157% increase in organic search revenue ($249k to $492k), and a significant decrease in bounce rate (originally at 73%, the bounce rate is now settled at just 55%).


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