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Managing Data and People

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How do you work through a process that never stops changing?

There’s marketing, and there’s managing.

Is there enough coffee for that?

Integrity and caring are the foundations of leading; whether it’s your team at work or your family. Empowering others is the layer that builds upon those values. Then you expand your vision outside of your virtual office walls.

In the chaos of day-to-day, it’s all too easy to overlook the fact that customers are people; they aren’t data points.

When you’re in your dashboard for hours every week, you almost have to lose sight of your customer’s individual identity so you can make an analysis.

Statistics have a dangerous side effect of creating generalizations. You’re forced to look at data as a set. It’s plural.

You need that data set to check your success.

We get it.

Balancing your big ideas with fine-tuning is like having the perfect prescription of bifocals. And it’s the same with leadership.

Spending time with each of your team members every week keeps you on target with the micro. It keeps you in integrity with the people you value the most. Those who believe in the mission as much as you do, and want to share it with the world.

Without your staff, you cannot run your company.

Zooming out and logging into analytics keeps you on pace with movement in the market as a whole.

Because you’re in sales for a reason.

It’s easier to lead when you’re firmly anchored in your mission … When you remember your product is on its way to a Sara, a Kim, and a Talia.

They’re real people who NEED what you offer. It’s not just nice for them to have, but they feel connected to you and your product, and the way it makes them feel.

Leaders are able to listen to the people inside and outside of their office walls. They communicate their mission to their customers and the needs of their customers back to their team.

It’s why you’re in business. To empower your customer with your product, and to work side by side with your staff to share your passion with the world.

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