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Shopify Plus Is The Best Platform For Direct to Consumer Promotions

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More than ever, consumers are looking to go direct to the brands they love. According to a recent study by Skava, 76% of consumers prefer to buy directly from brands they trust. As a result, many retailers are making the move towards greater e-commerce integration. Ensuring that you are creating direct to consumer promotions that are easy to turn on and off. Giving the customer flexible buying options creates an easier pathway to checkout. Shopify Plus and the native tools on this platform do create the best solution to run and manage promotions and buying options.

Website Promotion Management

When a store achieves the level of Shopify plus they are pushing their store on to the next level instead of establishing brand recognition. The brand wants to attract more sales and more customers. The biggest and easiest way is complex promotions. This is a revenue driver and can be tailored to the customer experience. Chelsea & Rachel Co are experts in crafting these types of promotions within the Shopify Plus framework. Some come from the inherent Shopify Plus tools, and others come from custom code or a mix of both.

Shopify Plus Features

Whether you are on a different platform and are thinking about a platform change or are currently on the Shopify Plus framework looking for more information, these native tools are a great advantage. Brands can find efficiencies, better promotion management, and controls in their direct-to-consumer eCommerce strategy. 


A native Shopify Plus feature called  LaunchPad serves as a website promotion manager. Brands can schedule discounts for a specific product or collection for more flexible direct to consumer promotions. This is really good for flash sales. This flash sale does not need discount codes and applies to the product(s) right in the checkout. Other abilities are to switch to a custom theme for the sale, allowing for the hero image, header bar text, and any other homepage or product page edits that are specifically for the sale. Scripts (more on these next) can be scheduled to be turned on and off, as well. One client leveraged LaunchPad to see an increase in revenue volume from sales. Leveraging LaunchPad to run the automatic discounts and trigger the start and end of the promotion with website messaging, our client saw $10,000 per day sales days. Automating the system from a manual in-house job leveraged more time for orders to be processed on the sale price, less internal stress to manage the details, and a turnkey way of ending the promotion. Less headache and more top-line revenue produced the best results.

Shopify Scripts for Direct to Consumer Promotions

This feature of Shopify Plus really sets it apart from other platforms. Shopify Scripts are small bits of code that allow for a very personal customer experience for shoppers. The interface is built into the Shopify Plus App area. The pre-installed scripts are ready to be used out of the box and can be edited by the brand. Certified Shopify Developers can create custom Shopify Script code to accomplish more complex scenarios in the cart or checkout.

Types of Shopify Scripts

Tiered cart discount by spend

Offer customers $25 off their total if they spend more than $150, $50 off if they spend more than $300, or $75 off if they spend more than $400.

Tiered discount by spend

Offer customers 10% off if they spend $30 or more, 15% off if they spend $50 or more, or 20% off if they spend $100 or more.

Tiered product discount by quantity

Offer customers 10% off each hat if they purchase 2 hats or more, or 15% off if they purchase 5 hats or more.

Tiered product discount by product spend

Offer customers 10% off if they spend $30 or more, 15% off if they spend $50 or more, and 20% off if they spend $100 or more, but only for items that match a specific tag.

Buy a specific amount of a product, get a second amount at a discount

Offer customers to buy three items tagged discount and receive 50% off a fourth item tagged discount

Buy a bundle, get an additional product at a discount

Offer customers a free pair of socks if they also purchase a hat, a t-shirt, and a pair of sunglasses

Bundle discount

Offer customers 20% off the purchase of a t-shirt, a hat, and a pair of sunglasses.

Buy one get one (BOGO) discount

Offer customers a hat for 10% off if they purchase 2 t-shirts.

Free gift with purchase

Offer customers a free gift if they spend more than $75.

Direct To Consumer Promotions Using Shopify Scripts and Bundles

Bundling is one of the biggest and it can only be achieved by Shopify Plus Scripts. Shopify has automatic discounts but it really doesn’t work that well to create a bundled experience. Additionally, bundling apps create a discount code to produce the bundled discounted price at checkout. If you are running a sale at a time that requires a discount code, the two cannot be used together. This definitely creates a poor user experience. See how one client has leveraged Shopify Scripts for bundles.

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Using Shopify Plus To Run Your Direct To Consumer Promotions Is The Way To Go

The inherent native tools in the Shopify Plus platform are a game changer for brands looking for flexibility and ease of use to manage promotions on their direct to consumer website. Launchpad and Shopify Scripts transform the way brands manage complex and unique promotions. Where it is important for brands to manage these executions easily, it is even more important for the customers to have a fluid and simple experience. Make sure that when you launch your direct to consumer promotions you are considering

  1. The opportunity to increase your sales and revenue with the right promotion
  2. Customization of offers for different customer group
  3. Promotion and checkout experience that is simple to use

Looking for guidance on how to leverage Shopify Plus for your growing brand? Book a free consult with the Chelsea & Rachel Co team today.

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