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Shopify Experts: Chelsea & Rachel Co.

C+R Co.

Chelsea & Rachel Co is proud to work with Shopify as experts at setting up eCommerce stores, digital marketing, and design.

What Do We Do In Shopify?

With Shopify, you can do a lot to create a successful website. Shopify can help improve a website because the platform lets you keep track of sales, set up credit card payments, design your storefront, organize your products, and much more. Shopify allows you to keep your website professional and organized so if any issues arise, you can solve them easily and swiftly.

Some of the things we do on a daily basis are:

  • track purchases from websites
  • add/delete products when needed
  • create collections of products and add necessary tags to sort products
  • set up reports to track sales and visitors to sites
  • track broken links and provide new ones
  • set up products to be shown on various sites (i.e. social media platforms)

We are Shopify experts because we know just what to do. We can help you to keep everything organized and professional so that when your customers visit your site, they will have nothing short of a positive experience.

Here’s What We Have Done

Still don’t believe we are Shopify experts?

Check out these sites to see for yourself:

Need Some Shopify Experts?

If you need a Shopify site or need some improvements to an already existing Shopify sites, contact us so we can get started!

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