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The Power of Business Cards

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Business Cards: More Than Just a Card

A business card is more than a little square you hand out to people or leave at businesses. The power of business cards can have a huge effect on your business and its brand, when done correctly. Yes, your business cards can hold that much power. If you are a new business looking to design your first business cards, make sure you know how to design it correctly. If you are an already established business looking to revamp your cards, check out the ways you can improve them.

Do Business Cards Still Matter?

YES! One big reason why business cards are still completely relevant in the business world today is because they are physical. You can physically hand someone a card as you discuss your business with a potential new customer. Instead of using cell phones to remember information, and breaking important eye contact, a business card allows you to discuss details face to face. Your potential new customer can check out your website later, since it is printed on your card.

Another reason business cards are important today is the fact that it is a first impression of your business and its brand. Every time you hand someone a business card, they are seeing a glimpse of your business. In order for potential customers to return and become regular customers, you want your business card to reflect your business positively. It will allow you and a potential customer to form a connection and even start a discussion about your business. Put time and effort into your business cards, so that they are made of the highest quality and sure to bring in business.

With how busy people’s days can be, it is easy for someone to forget your business without anything physical to remind them. Even if it is a quick mention and they slide it right into their pocket and go, they can go back to it at the end of the day. When they have time to sit down and reflect, they can recall the business card you gave them and they can go to your site to check your business out or, they can contact you to get more information.

There are many reasons why business cards are still relevant today. When done correctly, they can be beneficial to your business and help to get your name out there.

Designing Your Business Cards

When designing business cards, you want to make sure you do so effectively, to get the most out of them. The most well-known rule when creating a business card is that you want to make sure it contains the important information, but isn’t too overwhelming. A business card should contain the basics: name, title, business name, phone number, an email, and the website. With this information, the customer has enough to learn about you and your business.

Along with the basics, include your business’ logo on the card. They will have something visual to attach to your business. A logo can also intrigue your potential customer, making them want to check out your website to learn more. If you choose to add a logo, apply it to the back of your business card, to avoid clutter. You want your business card to contain the important information but, you don’t want it to look busy and unappealing to potential customers. Having the important information on one side and a business logo on the other side creates a perfect balance on your business card.

It’s possible to get creative with business cards but, when it’s time to print them, it should be done professionally. It may be cost efficient to print them yourself but, let’s face it, things can go wrong. Save yourself the stress of that and have them printed by someone who does it for a living. Not only do you limit the chances of the cards you worked so hard on to be messed up, you will give your business cards a professional look. When printed professionally, customers will be able to tell. Since your business card is a first impression to potential customers, you want that first impression to be professional.

Have fun when creating your business cards. Keep the information basic yet get creative with the color and shape of your cards. You can stay professional and still allow your creative side to come out.

Start Designing Your Business Cards Today

If you haven’t done so already, start thinking about how you want to design your business cards. Get creative with the process, but stay professional. Remember the important basic information that your potential customers will need to know. The power of business cards is often overlooked.

Don’t overlook yours – start designing the perfect business card for your business today.

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