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Mobile Ecommerce Websites

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Mobile Ecommerce & Your Business

When a business’ website reaches more people, they gain a larger audience, more revenue, and they become more well known. If a business has a website for them, it is important that it is also a mobile ecommerce website. Mobile access can bring a lot more ecommerce to your business than if you only had desktop/laptop access. When you reach more people, more people purchase your products/services, and then your business grows. It is not just making sure people can type in your URL to their phone and the homepage comes up. It is also important to guarantee to your customers that all the website content shows up. Customers should be able to navigate your site with no problems, as if they are on a desktop, and see everything you have to offer.

How Can Mobile Ecommerce Help Your Business?

With a mobile friendly experience, your customers will not only benefit, your business will succeed as well. Recent statistics show that in May of 2015, sales from smartphones increased by 107% from May 2014 and tablet sales grew by 32% in the same time frame. Tablet shoppers also spent more than smartphone shoppers. In February 2015, it was discovered that 45% of ecommerce traffic in the United Kingdom was a result from smartphone and tablet devices. With ecommerce growing, it is important for your business to keep your website updated and accessible from mobile devices at all times.

Purchases & Feedback

Mobile ecommerce websites can improve your business when it is easy for your customers to give feedback on recent services or purchases. When a customer is satisfied with a product or service, they may just improve your business’ reputation with a good review. If they can provide positive feedback efficiently and effectively from their phone, they are basically selling your products/services for you. Ecommerce should play a huge role in all aspects of your business, not just in marketing and selling. When you are successful, you can invest in many parts of your business, such as IT systems, various business processes, and capabilities. For example, with strong operations, your business will be prepared during the seasons, when everybody does their online shopping. With everybody on the go, your business website may gain more traffic if it runs smoothly and enhances their shopping experiences.

Focus on Your Products/Services

Prioritizing the content on your mobile ecommerce site is vital to your business. There are a few different components that should always be visible and easily accessible for your customers; search bar, link to access account and basket, the different categories or brands, images that are not too big/small, and buttons to call or email the company/business owner. These simple things are really important to your mobile ecommerce site and can enhance one’s experience. They are also focusing on your products/services that you are offering, which is what you want your audience to see and purchase. Your products/services are the ultimate goals of your mobile ecommerce website.

Testing Your Mobile Site

Mobile devices are for more than texting, emails, and making phone calls. People use their phones or tablets for a variety of reasons; online shopping and social media are two popular uses. When you are on the go every day, using a tablet or a phone is more convenient. It is easy to make a quick purchase on a mobile site when it is set up correctly, whether it is through the site directly or through social media. When someone can navigate your site with no problems and know exactly where to go to find what they need, they are more likely to return or recommend you.

So, if you already have a mobile ecommerce website, how do you know it is effective? There are a few different ways to check your site. First, checking your mobile site from various devices is important. Devices include iPads and iPhones as well as android tablets and smartphones. When you check your site on these devices, it is important to test a few things – purchasing, contact page, sending out messages, how your product images appear, navigating the site, etc. You want everything to appear correctly on your site in order to ensure that anyone who visits it will see what you want them to see. They will see what you offer and how you can help them, what they can purchase and prices, and how they can contact you for any questions or concerns.

Get Started Today!

Ready to get started on your mobile ecommerce site? There are many resources available to help you start. You want your business to grow and be successful. Creating a well-developed mobile ecommerce website and keeping it updated can guarantee that success. You want to always keep in mind that your website might appear differently on different devices, in different browsers. It is important to constantly check and update your site as needed.

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