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Grocery eCommerce Direct to Consumer Set to Explode

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Trends are showing that grocery eCommerce is not only on the rise but set to explode in the coming years. This year alone, food and beverage eCommerce sales grew 18.2% generating more than $19 billion in new revenue. And the research shows it will only go up from there.

Grocery eCommerce is definitely here to stay

It’s no surprise that shopping online grows in popularity every day. Currently, 49% of shoppers in the U.S. buy consumer packaged goods online. With the recent trends toward online shopping in the food and beverage space, Nielsen predicts that in 5-7 years, 70% of U.S. consumers will buy their consumer packaged goods online on a regular basis.

If you are not selling your grocery product in the direct to consumer eCommerce market – you are missing out on a huge potential for growth!

Sell to your customers anywhere they are and want to buy

The most successful grocery eCommerce brands are selling everywhere their customers buy. There is no doubt about it, today’s consumers want choices. The brands that do the best, offer shoppers a variety of places to purchase their products. When we walk into a store, we scan the isles for our favorite brands. Online shopping is no different.

Across every demographic (not just millennials), today’s online shoppers want to find what they want, when they want it, and where they want it. Enter the world of multi-channel eCommerce.

Simplified solutions for multi-channel grocery eCommerce

Figuring out where your customers are and developing platforms to sell in that space sounds complicated, right? Not so much. Shopify helps you reach more customers by incorporating more than 20 popular sales channels into your online store. This allows you to expand your reach and streamline your operations while reaching customers where they are. You can drive conversions with instant buys through Amazon, eBay, and social media and sync your product information across all channels from one dashboard.

“Your brand presence goes beyond your online store. It’s about being where people spend their time before they spend their money. That means marketplaces. Social media. Messaging apps. Online communities. In real life.” – Shopify

Opportunities and obstacles for emerging brands in grocery eCommerce

Understanding the opportunities and obstacles for working in the eCommerce space is key. As certified Shopify experts, we understand how to leverage the opportunities for growth by overcoming the obstacles.

Opportunities in the eCommerce space

  • Faster and immediate access to customers
  • Unique sales promotions and upset opportunities
  • Capitalize on existing branding and retail presence
  • List building and automation systems
  • Average order value (AOV) and customer lifetime value (CLTV) strategies to strengthen and continue growth
  • Mobile checkouts – half of all shoppers begin and end their purchase on their smartphone

Obstacles to overcome in the direct to consumer eCommerce space

  • Internal process transition into supporting eCommerce
  • Shipping and returns process development
  • Understanding and identifying the customer subset who will shop direct online
  • Pricing structures and optimizing for highest AOV
  • Free shipping model
  • Amazon monopoly

Expertise makes all the difference

Quite honestly, most brands that have not entered the eCommerce market feel ill-equipped to understand the technology involved. As experienced eCommerce pros with successful clients in the food and beverage space, our team works to solve the marketing, logistical, and inbound traffic obstacles that stand in the way of your eCommerce growth.

We are different than other agencies because we can do the website development and all functions of digital marketing in-house including:

  • Strategy development for eCommerce and digital platforms
  • Multi-channel research and planning
  • Inbound lead and traffic development
  • Sales funnels and conversion strategy
  • Brand development and/or enhancement
  • Product description copywriting
  • Search engine optimization designed specifically for eCommerce brands
  • Facebook advertising and audience building
  • Google shopping and search ads
  • Apps and integration setup
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook messenger growth campaigns with ManyChat

And with offices in Denver and Tampa, our virtual team manages clients from anywhere.

Our track record of success

  • $5.2 million in growth in sales for brands at the emerging enterprise level
  • $1.9 million website hits on all currently managed websites
  • 525,000 subscribers to various customer retention platforms

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