How to Create a Winning Shopify Marketing Strategy With Chelsea Jones and Rachel Saul

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Creating a quality product is the first step to achieving Shopify success. But generating a base of loyal, engaged customers through an effective marketing strategy, is what will take your Shopify store from good to great.

As the founders of Chelsea & Rachel Co, one of only five woman-owned Shopify-Plus Preferred Partners in the world, Chelsea Jones and Rachel Saul are experts in this arena. With a combined 30+ years of experience between them, they create powerful development and marketing strategies that accelerate the growth of Shopify stores.

Chelsea and Rachel discuss how Shopify differs from other eCommerce platforms, and how to leverage these nuances to create a marketing strategy that will set you apart from your competitors. They reveal the common mistakes sellers make when marketing on Shopify and explain how to deepen customer engagement when growing a Shopify brand. According to Rachel,

“The most important piece of an eCommerce marketing strategy is to make sure that your customer experience is seamless. A lot of times brands are looking at KPIs, growth numbers, and revenue. All of those things are critically important, but you cannot neglect the number one most important metric  – customer experience.” 

Chelsea and Rachel also share insights into how they’ve carved out a space for themselves in the eCommerce industry as women-led founders, and walk us through how they’ve helped well-known food and wellness brands scale their customer base and solidify their brand identity.

Topics Discussed in this episode:

  • What inspired Chelsea and Rachel to start a digital marketing agency together (02:19)
  • How Ecommerce marketing has changed and evolved over time (04:42)
  • The nuances of Shopify versus other eCommerce platforms (10:31)
  • Chelsea explains which Shopify marketing channels have the best ROI (14:52)
  • How to implement an effective Shopify marketing strategy(20:05)
  • How to deepen customer engagement when growing a Shopify brand (27:55)
  • Common pitfalls Shopify sellers should avoid (31:29)
  • The real-world results Chelsea and Rachel’s marketing strategies have achieved (34:47)
  • Why Chelsea and Rachel decided to focus on food and wellness brands (38:58)
  • How Chelsea and Rachel have carved a space for themselves in Ecommerce as women-led founders (42:17)