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Wild Planet Foods

Since its launch in 2004, Wild Planet Foods has grown into one of the largest canned seafood companies in the United States. Their large variety of tuna, salmon, yellowtail, sardines, anchovies, and mackerel isn’t just flavorful and shelf-stable—it’s responsibly sourced and environmentally sustainable. 

Common commercial fishing practices often lead to a damaging impact on the environment, and       Wild Planet Foods took notice. Vowing to create a company that is driven by sustainability and ecosystem preservation, each of its products meets or exceeds the necessary criteria for sustainability and proper harvesting: no instances of overfishing, habitat damage, bycatching, or discarding of non-targeted species that are incidentally caught. 

In an effort to highlight its core principle of sustainability, Wild Planet Foods needed a website overhaul—and Chelsea & Rachel Co. stepped in to help!


Showcasing the success of Wild Planet Foods was the easy part.

The challenge? Their original website was built using a completely different eCommerce platform. The end goal was to complete a successful migration to Shopify Plus while adding more customization options and improving app strategy and UX/UI design.


Improved Homepage and Navigation

With a massive migration project ahead of us, Chelsea and Rachel, Co. got to work!

To emphasize Wild Planet Food’s focus on maintaining a healthy planet, we regrouped their products into two categories: “By The Land” and “By The Sea.” The best-selling products are featured in an eye-catching carousel on the homepage, which their team is able to customize as needed.

The homepage also includes a comparison chart that highlights the key differences between Wild Planet Foods’ products as opposed to other conventional brands.


Blog and Recipe Optimization

This was a big lift! We migrated all of Wild Planet Food’s blogs and recipes (and there was a lot!) and used the Recipe Kit app to ensure SEO-optimization. The best part? Each recipe on the website includes ingredient links and allows customers to add them directly to their shopping cart. As reviews are received, the ratings are showcased underneath each recipe. 


All of the recipes can be filtered by product, meal type, and cooking method. Only interested in tuna recipes? No problem! Need a breakfast idea for your salmon? Done! The recipe and blog upgrade resulted in an organized, user-friendly addition for website visitors. 

Images and Videos That Tell a Story

For Wild Planet Foods, gorgeous, eye-catching imagery was never a problem—we just helped bring them to life in a new way! Each image includes the scientific name of any fish or sea animal pictured in a way that is ADA-compliant. 

The site has a visually stunning National Geographic appeal—and that’s precisely what we were aiming for. Their incredible photos and powerful videos are what tell the story of Wild Planet Food’s mission, so we knew that it was necessary to showcase them in the best possible way.

Along with maintaining the pageantry of the site, many of the graphics and product images include fun, detailed animations that are brought to life by the hover of a mouse. 

Product Descriptions & Subscription Options

Product description pages for Wild Planet Foods were completely customized for optimal layout and interaction. Each product page includes ingredients, nutrional information, reviews, relevant recipes, and a description of how the product was responsibly sourced. Users can select a package size (i.e., how many cans of tuna), and the price will automatically update to reflect the selection. 

We were also able to implement a new Recharge subscription strategy, which created a recurring order model that aligned with the core of the brand and Wild Planet Foods repeat buyers.

Brand New Page Additions

We were excited to add two new pages to the Wild Planet Foods website: a press page, and a separate page dedicated to their team of fishermen. Since the core of the brand is centered around sustainability, we wanted to dive a little deeper (top-notch pun!) into the people behind the scenes that make Wild Planet Foods so successful. 

By learning more about their carefully-executed fishing techniques and fierce determination to protect the planet, it gives customers peace of mind that the products they are purchasing aren’t just delicious—they’re environmentally-friendly and meet top-of-the-line safety standards. 


The Wild Planet Foods website doesn’t just showcase products; it tells a story.

Through a successful collaboration with Wild Planet Foods, we were able to build a high-quality, user-friendly, interactive, and informative website that lives up to the brand’s renowned reputation. It evokes passion, inspires change, and—most importantly—proves why sustainable seafood just tastes better than the rest.