Navitas Organics

Navitas Organics

Navitas Organics is on a mission to create “Superfoods With Purpose:” for you, the farmer, and the planet! Along with creating quality, organic, plant-based food products, they champion economic opportunities for smallholder organic farmers and strive to be a catalyst for positive change within the environment and our society. 


Although Navitas Organics had a website in place, it needed some fresh eyes to help revamp its overall strategy in order to appeal to its core demographic.

Enter: Chelsea & Rachel Co.

After a deep dive into the existing site’s analytics, were able to put together a game plan to restructure the site layout, fine-tune product detail pages, and, ultimately, increase conversion rates. 


For Navitas Organics, we established a few top priorities:

Improve product page descriptions, simplify the user journey (for both new and returning customers), increase engagement, and improve the overall look and feel of the website. So, we got to work!

Product Page & Subscription Strategy

This is the heart and soul of the new Navitas website! We were able to create clean, organized, and eye-catching product pages that include nutrition information, compelling descriptions, up-sell and cross-sell features, automated out-of-stock messaging (using Klaviyo), and, most conveniently, the best ways to use the product.

Each product page allows for customized modules that can easily be changed or updated by the Navitas team, including product reviews, relevant recipes, and FAQs. 

The Navitas product pages aren’t just giving consumers the basics—they’re equipping them with every detail needed to make an informed buying decision. 

Navigation Improvements

To maximize the user experience, we improved navigation functionality on the homepage in a way that both new and returning customers can appreciate. By creating product collections, we were able to simplify the shopping process which, ultimately, gets them to the checkout page quicker! 

The navigation collections were separated into “Featured” products (best sellers, on sale, new products, and bundles), “By Superfood,” and “By Usage” (baking & cooking, smoothies & bowls, lattes & drinks, and snacking). Whether you’re looking for a specific Acai product or need an ingredient for your next muffin recipe, Navitas Organic’s updated navigation gets you to the page you’re looking for without any unnecessary steps or clicking around the site. 

Along with improved navigation, fun animations and relevant videos were added to the homepage as a way to improve user engagement while boosting the overall look and feel of the website.

User-Friendly Recipe Page

When you shop Navitas Organics, you’re not just picking out the best superfoods to recharge your health—you’re learning the best ways to use them in everyday meals! 

The Navitas recipe page offers convenient filtering to help find the exact recipe you’re looking for. Got a craving for those new Goji berries? Filter by “Snacks” to see what pops up. Sticking to keto-friendly options? Filter by “Diet” and give the Cauliflower Tortillas recipe a go! 

Along with adding convenience for shoppers, the Navitas Organics recipe strategy was built using the Recipe Kit app, which helps showcase their recipes as snippets near the top of the Google search results page. (SEO improvements and stellar recipe options is what we call a win-win!)


Along with an effective new overall strategy, Navitas Organics had another ultimate goal: powerful messaging. What’s inside the packaging for each Navitas product, and what makes it stand out from the competition?

Each step we took to improve navigation, PDPs, SEO, layout, and more all played a pivotal role in developing the clear, impactful core message that superfoods are worth it—and you’ll only find the best through Navitas Organics.