Motherlove Logo


For over 30 years, Motherlove Herbal Company has been a caring, dedicated confidant for new and expectant mothers, connecting motherhood to mother earth with organic herbal remedies for every stage of pregnancy and beyond. From bump to birth, breastfeeding and baby, Motherlove offers expertly-crafted, sustainable, plant-based products to help every mom—new and experienced—feel empowered.


After a successful rebranding project, Motherlove products had new packaging that was vibrant, colorful, eye-catching, and ready to be shown off—all they needed was an updated website to go along with their fresh new look!

The challenge? They faced the inability to customize their website in the way they envisioned. That’s where Chelsea & Rachel Co. stepped in to help! 


Our custom-designed Shopify websites provide the flexibility to bring any brand to life in the way they want—not in a way dictated by rigid, commonly-used templates.

 We were able to redesign the Motherlove website in a way that was more robust while giving their team the freedom to change copy, images, and overall layout in ways they were unable to before.

Motherlove’s former website was transformed into a bolder, more attractive design, rich with color and complete with subtle animations that add a fun touch without distracting from the engaging copy and product layout.

Each of the four main product categories—pregnancy, postpartum, baby, and breastfeeding—are all displayed with color-coded logos, and the most popular products (called “Mama Favorites”) are showcased in a stunning carousel.

Most importantly, Motherlove’s new custom-designed website allows for faster loading times, a smoother, more cohesive layout, and a more engaging customer experience.


Motherlove’s Supplement Guide

We’ve all been there—scrolling through a website searching for a product, only to end up going in circles. (Wait, how did I end up back on the homepage?) Motherlove’s website overhaul includes a straightforward, user-friendly guide for choosing the right supplement based on your specific needs as a new or expectant mother.

There’s no need to scour the site in search of the perfect product—they are all laid out using a simple, clean design that any mother will appreciate after a sleepless night with their little one! 



Along with a stunning homepage hero image and SEO-optimized content, a significant part of Motherlove’s website strategy centered around simple yet impactful messaging.

As important as it was to showcase their incredible products and integrate seamless shopping, it was equally important for their brand to connect with moms from all walks of life. At Chelsea & Rachel Co., we know how powerful the right copy can be, and we were thrilled to highlight their personable and relatable brand story in a way that resonates with mothers everywhere. 

Long story short? Sometimes, less is more! The goal was to make a significant impact without tons of unnecessary copy. Through a collaboration with Motherlove, we were able to keep website text to a minimum while still evoking reassurance, trust, and relief in real-life moms looking for answers.