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Free Download: Tactics to Grow DTC in 2023

Free Download: Tactics to Grow DTC in 2023

I recently got back from ecom sweety® Miami and was wondering what to do with my presentation deck. Honestly, I’m not trying to hoard everything I shared there. Instead of adding it to a Gdrive folder to gather dust, I’ve decided to share a cliff notes version in this blog post, and the option to download […]

Why Building a Framework is Better than Using a Theme when Creating a Landing Page

Why Building a Framework is Better than Using a Theme when Creating a Landing Page Landing Page Framework

When it comes to creating a landing page, there are two main options: building a framework from scratch or using a pre-designed theme. While using a theme may seem like the easier and quicker option, building a framework has many advantages that make it a better choice in the long run. Customization One of the […]

A special report from the floor of ShopTalk 2023

  Show Notes In this podcast episode, the host is joined by Chelsea from Chelsea and Rachel, an agency that specializes in subscription and e-commerce strategy, UX/UI design, and development. They discuss the challenges that brands face in increasing customer lifetime value and the need to become more scrappy and customer-focused. They also talk about […]

How to Create a Winning Shopify Marketing Strategy With Chelsea Jones and Rachel Saul

First published on Creating a quality product is the first step to achieving Shopify success. But generating a base of loyal, engaged customers through an effective marketing strategy, is what will take your Shopify store from good to great. As the founders of Chelsea & Rachel Co, one of only five woman-owned Shopify-Plus Preferred […]

Conversations at ChargeX 2022: retention, personalization & more

LISTEN HERE Preventing subscription fatigue with Chelsea Jones from Chelsea & Rachel Co. We chatted with Chelsea Jones, Co-CEO + Chief Visionary at Chelsea & Rachel Co., about strategies to help balance the routine and convenience of a subscription while still finding opportunities to bring creativity and fun to the customer experience to avoid consumer fatigue. “The subscription businesses that are […]

How to Develop an Ecommerce Strategy That Drives Sales & Builds Loyalty with Chelsea Jones and Rachel Saul

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE Ecommerce is one of the hottest topics in the food business. However, if you try to jump straight to tactics without thinking through your goals, you’re likely to run into trouble. Today on the Real Food Brands Marketing Podcast, host and Food & Bev Brand Strategist Katie Mleziva talks to […]

4 Key Ways to Differentiate Your Clients’ Ecommerce Stores From the Competition

Originally published on Consumer behavior is changing rapidly, and as the number of brands coming online has exploded in recent years, offering a myriad of options to customers, differentiation is now a significant key to success. According to research from McKinsey, over 60 percent of global consumers have changed shopping behavior during the pandemic. In […]

E35 Rachel Saul and Chelsea Jones: Scaling an E-commerce Agency

Are you having struggles with your ecommerce business? Today you are in for a treat. Rachel Saul and Chelsea Jones join us on the show today. Their primary focus in ecommerce is Shopify. They will help us understand what it takes to run a successful ecommerce business and what it takes to run an ecommerce […]

Three winning ecommerce shipping tactics for Shopify & Recharge merchants

Originally posted on For ecommerce businesses, it’s crucial to have a unified customer experience. When onboarding is intuitive but navigating the shopper portal isn’t, customers notice. When support is responsive and helpful but refunds are challenging to navigate, customers notice. When the checkout experience is seamless but shipping is confusing, customers notice. For physical […]