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This is a question we get asked a lot: What is it like to be a women-founded and women-led agency in the world of web development?

First off, there are always challenges when growing a business. The struggle of going from start-up to refining to then find your niche is a journey most businesses can’t complete. The latest statistics from The Small Business Administration (SBA) says 20% of new businesses fail in the first year and 50% by year 5. And by year 10, only one-third of them are still around. There is no doubt building a business has more obstacles than easy wins. But that’s why entrepreneurs keep pressing in, keep iterating, keep refining until we find the one thing that really works. I do believe being female gives us certain perspectives that can help us overcome these challenges. But this post isn’t about inequality, but a celebration of what’s possible.

Women-Founded and Women-Led In eCommerce

With that out of the way – what is it like to be a women-founded and women-led agency in the world of web development?

👉 Yes, there have been challenges in getting our voice and recognition to be heard. But we didn’t stop pressing in and being a squeaky wheel. Eventually, our work spoke for itself.

👉 Balancing the roles of motherhood – especially during Covid with children at home learning – with running a business and growing 2x was some days thriving, most days surviving, but overall incredibly rewarding.

👉 Being the target consumer of the brands we get to work with allows us to put our fingerprint on the customer journey at a very intimate level. Either as working moms, health-conscious millennials, or better for you consumers – leading the account is both aspirational and personal.

👉 Our style of communication sets us apart. Our intuition allows us to see clearly and sometimes proactively areas that need addressing. We come at it with heart, empathy, and overall understanding of problems that need to be solved. This can get us burned as much as it lets us win.

We definitely do things differently, and we believe 100% in our process. We can’t just look at web development and design as a singular path, we are holistic from strategy to go-live. In the world of web development, being a woman-founded and woman-led agency is like wearing sparkles running uphill in a sea of people moving downhill. It’s honestly new and different every day. It is exciting because it’s so alive and yet so challenging at the same time.

We’re proud to be here!
Chelsea 🙋🏼‍♀️+ Rachel 🙋🏻‍♀️


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