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What's Your Customer Demographic?

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This is not the first question to ask in marketing. (Maybe that was true two years ago, but things are changing quickly.)

Who did you start your company to serve?

This is sometimes more about motivation than it is about customer data. You have to profit to pay yourself and your staff, so taking care of that is certainly part of your responsibility.

Who is your product meant for?

Asking this question moves you in the direction of demographics, but should also lead to your bigger mission.

Demographics are like that compass needle pointing you back to true north, but you also need to check your surroundings. It’s not the only stat for crafting your marketing message.

Knowing your “target” market (true north) is how you set out in business, but the metaphor of a compass is really important in eCommerce.

Consumer behavior is shifting every day, and we cannot predict the future.

Here’s what we can do: have our compasses out and check them frequently. Point yourself back toward your company’s mission.

Because selling online is a responsive process. It can be as wobbly as that dial trying to find north. And the market is truly wobbly right now. How do you respond to erratic consumer behavior?

The better question is “where do you get your data?”

Purchasing consumer data is risky, and may point to disaster. If you use third-party information to make marketing decisions, those campaigns may go down the wrong path. Especially at this moment in history.

But it seems like a smart shortcut to take… more like asking for help from a pro. Where do you get your data if you don’t outsource it?

If you’re selling online, you already have data.

Do you know where to find it?

This is how you keep your doors open when nothing else is predictable. Know your data, own your data, and keep checking your compass. 

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