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How to Create a Winning Shopify Marketing Strategy With Chelsea Jones and Rachel Saul

C+R Co.

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Topics Discussed in this episode:

  • What inspired Chelsea and Rachel to start a digital marketing agency together (02:19)
  • How Ecommerce marketing has changed and evolved over time (04:42)
  • The nuances of Shopify versus other eCommerce platforms (10:31)
  • Chelsea explains which Shopify marketing channels have the best ROI (14:52)
  • How to implement an effective Shopify marketing strategy(20:05)
  • How to deepen customer engagement when growing a Shopify brand (27:55)
  • Common pitfalls Shopify sellers should avoid (31:29)
  • The real-world results Chelsea and Rachel’s marketing strategies have achieved (34:47)
  • Why Chelsea and Rachel decided to focus on food and wellness brands (38:58)
  • How Chelsea and Rachel have carved a space for themselves in Ecommerce as women-led founders (42:17)
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