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Create a Landing Page for Conversions

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Why a Landing Page?

Landing pages are great for your business because they take your audience directly to your main business page. When you successfully create a landing page for conversions, not only do your conversion rates increase but, you also succeed in telling your readers about your business, your products/services, how they will benefit from them, etc. Instead of your audience having a million questions, they will get most, if not all, of the general information they need. When you create a landing page for conversions, there is a lot to consider and, although it may be overwhelming, it is all worth it. The various elements will guarantee that you head in the right direction and create a successful and effective landing page.

Getting Started

When you create a landing page for conversions, there are a few elements that it should have. These elements will help contribute to its success and will leave you knowing you created a successful page. The first element is the headline. When creating a headline, you want it to do a few things: grab the reader’s attention, inform the user what your product/service is about, and it should be short and to the point. If you want to provide solutions to a problem, make sure your readers will understand that right away. Subheadings are another important element of your landing page; they are more than just the text under the heading.

Subheadings should make your readers want to stay on your landing page. They are always positioned directly under the main heading and they can be a bit more in-depth. They can help get your point across and also explain any creative headings you come up with; the creative headings can grab one’s attention while the subheadings are more explanatory and direct. Another aspect of your subheading should be that it is persuasive. You want to keep your readers beyond the headline and you want them to explore the page even more.

Pictures always capture people’s attention, which means the right pictures on your landing page will have better results. Make the pictures large to grab their attention and keep them relevant to your product/service. Pictures are great but if they are not relevant to your products/services or business as a whole, then why is it there? With large pictures, make sure they are high-quality. Blurry, low quality photos will turn your readers away and can be just flat out annoying. Keeping these three things in mind when creating your landing page will keep you heading in the right direction. Once you have it started, remember to keep a few other elements in mind to guarantee a successful finished result.

Work in Progress

Once you have started your landing page, it is important that you continue to keep it relevant and interesting to your readers. When working on your landing page, keep in mind that your customers will ask “what’s in it for me?” So, give them an answer. Provide a list of benefits that they will gain from your business. Focusing on how the reader will benefit, instead of how your business benefits, will show them what and how they will gain from your business. To add credibility to these benefits, providing trustworthy testimonials can really help. Gathering feedback and testimonials from previous clients or others relevant to your target audience can help guarantee a successful landing page. Your audience will see what others have to say and how they benefited from your products/services.

In order for people to verify your testimonials, inquire about your products/services, and to gain trust with your business, methods of contact are essential. Phone numbers, an address, an email, and/or a contact form of some kind can assure your audience that you are in fact a real company. The immediate communication options show your customers that they are talking with a real person, instead of an automated machine. They allow your readers to contact you if they want more information or if they need clarification.

When you are finishing up your landing page, make sure you present a call to action. Make your audience want to learn more and want to purchase your products/services. Visually, make it big, make it a button, or even change the color. You want it to stand out from the rest of the page so your readers know just what to do next. Compel your readers to go beyond the landing page and learn/want more.

What to Avoid

Because there is so much to consider when you create a landing page for conversions, there are a few things you want to avoid. It is important to avoid generalizations; do so by presenting trustworthy testimonials. When you state that ‘you’re the best ever’, it will make your audience think of every other business they have come across with the same phrase. State why you are more efficient than other businesses. Make your business and products/services distinguished from the other businesses and provide reasons for your audience to continue reading.

Another thing to avoid with your landing page is impressive vocabulary. Do not use fancy, fluffy, words that require a quick Google definition. When people come to your landing page, they are there to learn about your products/services and how they will benefit from them. Keep your vocabulary specific to your audience and always remember that if you are not specific and to the point, your audience might not stick around. This rule also applies to the photos you choose to use. Do not use fancy, irrelevant photos that take up space; stick to relevant photos that do not waste the reader’s time. Photos that help prove your points and actually benefit your audience are what you want on the landing page.

Straying from your business and its products/services can be harmful to your landing page. It is easy to add so much information that you could eventually get off topic. Keeping your end goal in mind and remembering why you are creating this landing page for conversions will help to keep your conversion rates high. When you avoid all of these small yet detrimental errors, your landing page has a higher conversion rate. This results in your landing page being more successful which results in your business being more successful.

Start Your Landing Page Today

There is a lot to consider when you create a landing page for conversions and making sure its conversion rate is high. But, it is worth it all to consider in order to guarantee that your audience gets the most out of their experience with your business. Keep in mind all the things to avoid so that you do not over-do your page because too much can negatively affect your conversion rate.

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