BOBO’S Shopify Strategy | Case Study

BOBO’S Shopify Strategy | Case Study

Bobo’s Oat Bars is an excellent example of a small family-owned company seeing sales hit the roof with their online Shopify store launch.


One year after building their new online store and initiating a comprehensive Shopify strategy, Bobo’s Oat Bars is already sees tremendous growth. Strategic rebranding plus a multi-pronged, content-driven approach has paid off as this “little” company has surpassed annual 7-figure sales in eCommerce direct to consumer alone.


  • Manage, update and design ongoing campaign-based landing pages and content
  • Launch new products
  • Custom coding and scripting for checkout and promotions
  • Gated Wholesale Website development and custom coding
  • Internal Sampling Website development and custom coding
  • Klaviyo Email Marketing Management, Shopify Strategy and Execution



Increased subscribers to their
mailing list by more than 100,000
new followers.


An impressive
Returning Customer Rate!

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