BOBO’S Shopify Strategy | Case Study

Bobo’s Oat Bars is an excellent example of a small family-owned company seeing sales hit the roof with their online Shopify store launch.


One year after building their new online store and initiating a comprehensive Shopify strategy, Bobo’s Oat Bars is already sees tremendous growth. Strategic rebranding plus a multi-pronged, content-driven approach has paid off as this “little” company has surpassed annual 7-figure sales in eCommerce direct to consumer alone.


  • Manage, update and design ongoing campaign-based landing pages and content
  • Launch new products
  • Custom coding and scripting for checkout and promotions
  • Gated Wholesale Website development and custom coding
  • Internal Sampling Website development and custom coding
  • Klaviyo Email Marketing Management, Shopify Strategy and Execution



Increased subscribers to their
mailing list by more than 100,000
new followers.


An impressive
Returning Customer Rate!


“Chelsea & Rachel have been instrumental in the success of our website site and ecommerce health as a whole. They are a great team helping us address ecommerce with a multi-pronged approach of optimizing our site as well as managing and providing consulting across all the various ways traffic is coming in from email marketing and lead generation to SEO and paid search/social. It’s great having the breadth of services from high level strategy to tactical execution.”

Mike Mackay


Bobos Oat Bars

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