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Chelsea & Rachel Co. solve the direct to consumer eCommerce problems that stand in the way of your company’s growth. As certified Shopify Plus Preferred Partners, we have a proven track record of delivering exceptional development and strategic user experience design.

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We are a team of dedicated experts focused on growth strategy and custom web development.

One of only five woman-owned Shopify-Plus Preferred Partners in the world, Chelsea & Rachel, Co has a proven track record of delivering increased sales for our eCommerce clients. They were recently awarded the Best New Agency Partner 2020 award from Recharge for their exceptional work and development in subscription. Focusing on consumer food and wellness brands, Chelsea & Rachel, Co is quickly leading the path on UX/UI and custom development for enterprise brands looking to make a significant impact.

What makes us different from other agencies? We cast vision and innovate with technology to create unique and ground-breaking solutions for growth problems. Our team leads with a focus on strategy and user experience



We simplify the strategy of your eCommerce store so you can sell more.

With a combined 30+ years of experience, we’re experts in implementing the power of digital strategy into your online platforms. We bring the big agency process to our no-frills virtual firm – providing everything you need to launch, expand, and enhance your online store! 

We have extensive knowledge of e-commerce trends, functionality, customer behavior, and design. We’ve helped many businesses transform an under-performing site into an all-out sales boom just by improving their online shopping experience.

We design and develop from start to finish. We’ll grasp your vision and brainstorm the right deliverables for your project and execute within an efficient turnaround timeframe.

We track the trends and insights across all levels of direct to consumer verticals – food, beverage, wellness, and retail and have the pulse on KPI’s that grow the bottom line. Each brand is unique and requires a different approach and mix to see success.

We are leading the path in unique customer experiences – we develop the portal as well as the strategies for ongoing growth. Subscription is successful by two means – a highly engaging and easy-to-use customer portal and a churn mitigation plan.

We create conversion-driven, on-brand, custom email marketing campaigns and automated flows that integrate directly into the core of your website.

We make SEO simple to understand for you with transparency in our processes. Our strategies are focused on your #1 goal – to be #1. SEO drives the bread and butter of your website traffic. Organic search rankings, keyword position tracking, content optimizations, and technical site work are some of the many components of search engine optimization. 

How We Can Help

Launching Your
Online Store

Everything you need to get up and running

and Growth

The right moves and the right time to scale your store

Solving Your
Ecommerce Problems

Removing the friction that stands in your way

How We Do It


Branding, digital marketing, development, and growth


Development design plan, implementation, and optimization

Ongoing Support

Continual optimizations and support are necessary to evolve the brand's online experience.

We develop and execute eCommerce growth strategies that will amplify your direct to consumer business and power up your growth. Through our digital strategy, custom development, website design, and ongoing support, our customers experience big agency results in the most critical areas of business growth.



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Average growth in sales
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website hits on all sites managed per year
subscribers to various platforms

“Chelsea & Rachel have been instrumental in the success of our website site and ecommerce health as a whole. They are a great team helping us address ecommerce with a multi-pronged approach of optimizing our site as well as managing and providing consulting across all the various ways traffic is coming in from email marketing and lead generation to SEO and paid search/social. It’s great having the breadth of services from high level strategy to tactical execution.”

Mike Mackay


Bobos Oat Bars



Our Team Members

Chelsea Jones

CEO + Co-Founder

Chelsea is a strategic direct to consumer expert and a professional problem solver for consumer brands. She has an extensive background in web design and development and more than 14 years in advertising and graphic design. Chelsea leads with vision, explains specific tactics with clarity, and knows the why behind best practices.

Rachel Saul

CMO + Co-Founder

Rachel specializes in direct to consumer marketing and technical advertising strategies. With over 16 years in the industry, she is an expert in UX/UI user story design, subscription strategy, digital marketing strategy, email marketing, and automation. Rachel works on the structures where small changes have big impact.

Awesome Team

Professional Expertise

We now have a fine-tuned team of 18 talented individuals with focused experience as UX/UI graphic designers, highly-skilled front-end and full-stack web developers, content writers, photographers, videographers, SEO experts, project managers, email marketers, and more.



We are looking forward to connecting soon.

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